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Although this anthology is co-authored by brethren, I do believe that as Christ-followers we all have or will or experience some of these same situations one way or another. As the visionary author, I was given this as an assignment by God to help empower and give encouragement. This anthology is co-authored by brethren that came together to share their testimonies of being incarcerated yet have overcome their past. These men are kingdom-minded and entrepreneurs for the marketplace. After working with them for the past few months, I consider them my brothers in Christ. I have seen their sacrifices, giving back to communities unselfishly but most of all serving the true and living God in their daily walk.

Reflect over these short stories in this anthology, see how these men accepted accountability, overcame the accusations and the long prison sentences imposed by the courts but we serve a God that is the Chief Judge in the Supreme Court of Heaven.

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