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About Me



I am a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University and hold a bachelor's degree in organizational leadership. Originally majoring in criminal justice and minoring in political science, I later made a pivot that led me to organizational leadership. Today, I presently work for municipal government, own a business, and is the founder and executive director of a non-profit organization. I believe my Divine life's purpose is “cultivating growth” and “connecting meaning.” I can be best described as a social justice advocate and someone who cares.


In 2019, I received the Abdus Salaam Logan Award for Perseverance and Commitment to Change. In 2022, the Transcontinental Society Unlimited recognized me for Outstanding Performance & Excellence in the Community. Most recently, I was awarded the Ephesus Community Impact Award for outstanding community impact. Last year, I earned the honor of becoming an international bestselling co-author in the book, The Joseph Anointing: From Prison to Prosperity Anthology. These experiences have humbled me, as I never set out to win any awards. My mission is and will continue to be following Gods' assignment, which is doing Divine work that helps make the world better. (NOTE, The Joseph Anointing is available in the STORE on this website).



As a Community Mediator 

I am a certified community conflict mediator under the National Institute of Mediation Inc. and has been certified since 2008. Through community mediation, I facilitate discussions related to individual, group, and organizational conflicts. The mediation sessions include disputes involving landlord-tenant, employment, consumer, school, business, church, family, neighbor, insurance, and more. The goal is to help disputing parties resolve their conflict/dispute, which is accomplished by reaching a mutual agreement. These mediation sessions take place prior to filing litigation in court. Currently I am doing landlord-tenant mediations remotely through Just Mediation Pittsburgh. The goal of Just Mediation Pittsburgh is to prevent "homelessness" in the Pittsburgh, PA area (Allegheny County). Book a free 20-minute consultation to find out how mediation can help you.

As a Criminal Justice Professional

Currently I am a reentry case manager and a peer mentor for men and women released from jail or prison. I work full-time for a municipal government agency, and I work part-time doing contract work for corporations in the private sector. As a young adult at age 19, I learned firsthand how it is to run into trouble with the law. That lived experience inspires the work I do today helping people, families, and communities. Though my bachelor’s degree is in organizational leadership, I remain passionate about the criminal justice field where a great amount of work still needs to be done. Currently, I am doing consulting in relation to reentry programs and services. Most recently, I have been on a college and university tour speaking to criminal justice, criminology, and pre-law students. My curriculum vitae is available upon request.

As a Business Consultant 

My expert knowledge in organizational leadership is used to assist companies, organizations, and agencies in becoming more organized and efficient. Whether fine-tuning or trouble-shooting, I help businesses and organizations create strategies, methods, and-or plans geared towards increasing overall performance. I believe every business can reach high levels of success when having a clear vision and strategic planning. As a consultant, I am proficient in several areas of both organizational leadership and business management, but my specialty is in organizational assessments and evaluations, program development, employee development, and specialized training programs. Book a free 20-minute consultation to find out how organizational leadership coaching can help your organization.

As a Business Owner

I am the owner of On2 Enterprises LLC. On2 Enterprises specializes in business leadership consulting, training programs, personal and professional development workshops and seminars, motivational speaking, and intellectual property creation. The goal is to help people and organizations positively grow. The way this is accomplished is by empowering, educating, training, and coaching people and organizations. The desired outcome is building better people, families, communities, and companies/organizations. On2 Enterprises is open to collaborations with other experts in a variety of fields and vocations to bring expert knowledge to clients. Book a free 20-minute consultation to find out more. 

As the Founder of a Nonprofit

I am the founder and executive director of Libra-Life Mentoring Services Inc., a nonprofit organization which focuses on mentoring youth and young adults.  In these days and times, mentoring and guidance is needed more than ever. With youth and young adults, I like to focus on life skills, personal development, career development, and financial literacy. As executive director, I am responsible for strategic planning, retention and recruitment, community engagement, and program sustainability. I am hoping to engage more youth and young adults as the nation moves pass the COVID-19 pandemic. Libra-Life Mentoring Services Inc. has been successful in collaborating with other local organizations and agencies to help make a positive impact in communities. New mentors are always needed.

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