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About Me




Oswald, a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University with a bachelor's degree in organizational leadership, embarked on a transformative journey. Originally pursuing criminal justice and political science, his lived experience charted a new course that led him to his current roles in municipal government, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit leadership. Driven by his Divine life's purpose of "cultivating growth" and "connecting meaning," Oswald emerges as a passionate social justice advocate and a true game changer. His story is a testament to the power of forgiveness, being purpose-driven, and having an unwavering dedication to positive change.


In 2019, Oswald received the Abdus Salaam Logan Award for Perseverance and Commitment to Change. In 2022, the Transcontinental Society Unlimited recognized him for Outstanding Performance & Excellence in the Community. Most recently, Oswald was awarded the Ephesus Community Impact Award for outstanding community impact. These experiences have humbled him, as Oswald never set out to win any awards, but rather, just do the work that leads to true change.



As a Community Mediator

Oswald is a certified community conflict mediator under the National Institute of Mediation Inc. and has been certified since 2008. Through community mediation, he facilitates discussions related to individual, group, and organizational conflicts. The mediation sessions include disputes involving landlord-tenant, employment, consumer, school, business, church, family, neighbor, insurance, and more. The goal is to help disputing parties resolve their conflict/dispute, which is accomplished by reaching a mutual agreement. These mediation sessions take place prior to filing litigation in court. Find out more. Book a free 20-minute consultation.

As a Business Consultant 

Oswald’s possess expert knowledge in organizational leadership and it is used to assist organizations, companies, and agencies in becoming more organized and efficient. Whether fine-tuning or trouble-shooting, he helps organizations and businesses create strategies, methods, and-or plans geared towards increasing overall performance. Oswald believes every business can reach high levels of success when having a clear vision, creating a strategic plan, and executing the proper action steps. As a consultant, Oswald’s specialty is in organizational assessments and evaluations, program development, employee development, and specialized training programs. Find out more. Book a free 20-minute consultation.

As a Criminal Justice Professional

Oswald is a multifaceted professional, serving as a reentry consultant, reentry coordinator, and reentry peer specialist. His primary focus revolves around nurturing community collaborations and partnerships to enhance the delivery of services and programs for individuals reintegrating into society after justice involvement. His personal lived experience drives his dedication in being a justice-impacted leader. While Oswald holds a full-time position with a municipal government agency, he also undertakes contract work in both the private and nonprofit sectors. His passion for the criminal justice field motivates him to speak at colleges and advocate for policy changes through legislation. Find out more. Book a free 20-minute consultation.

As a Business Owner

Oswald, the entrepreneur behind On2 Enterprises LLC, is all about helping you and your organization thrive through variety of services:

  • Organizational leadership consulting

  • Conflict resolution and mediation

  • Personal and professional development workshops and seminars

  • Motivational speaking

  • Creating intellectual properties

Oswald's mission is to promote positive growth in people and organizations through education, training, and coaching. The goal is to create stronger individuals, families, communities, and companies. Find out more. Book a free 20-minute consultation.

As the Founder of a Nonprofit

Oswald is not just an entrepreneur; he's also deeply involved in his community. In 2017, he founded Libra-Life Mentoring Services Inc. and leads the dedicated nonprofit in mentoring youth and young adults. The organization focuses on:

  • Life skills

  • Personal development

  • Career development

  • Financial literacy

As the executive director, Oswald plays a key role in:

  • Strategic planning

  • Staff retention and recruitment

  • Community engagement

  • Keeping the program sustainable

Libra-Life has made a significant impact by collaborating with local organizations and agencies, all aimed at positively influencing communities. Find out more. Book a free 20-minute consultation.

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