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Reentry Expert | Conflict Mediator | Consultant | Trainer | Speaker

Welcome to the Website of Oswald Newbold!

Are you seeking assistance through reentry expertise, conflict resolution, or organizational leadership? Look no further! Oswald is ready to assist you. His life's mission is centered on two fundamental values: "Cultivating Growth" and "Connecting Meaning." As a devoted supporter of community and social justice, Oswald is committed to aiding in both personal and professional development. Feel free to explore the contents of this website to learn how Oswald's distinct insights and skills can benefit you or your organization. We're grateful for your visit. Thank you for being here!

The Different Hats


Oswald currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Reentry Professionals Inc. He also holds the position of Reentry Coordinator at The Reentry Center of Riviera Beach and works as a Peer Mentor for The GEO Group Inc. In addition to these roles, he is an active member of the Palm Beach County Reentry Task Force. Oswald's dedication to this work is deeply rooted in his own lived experiences, which continue to inspire him to make a positive impact on individuals and communities alike.


Oswald is a certified community mediator with a unique focus on resolving disputes before they escalate to court proceedings. His mediation expertise covers a wide range of scenarios, including individual, group, and organizational conflicts. These disputes encompass various areas such as landlord/tenant issues, employment disputes, consumer conflicts, school-related matters, business disputes, church disputes, family disagreements, neighbor conflicts, insurance disputes, and more. Currently, Oswald is actively engaged in conducting landlord/tenant mediations for Just Mediation Pittsburgh, where his skills and dedication contribute to peaceful resolutions in this specific domain.


Oswald holds a degree in organizational leadership, and he leverages his expertise to support companies, organizations, and agencies in their quest to become more organized and efficient. Whether it's the fine-tuning of existing processes or the resolution of challenges, Oswald excels at aiding businesses in the development of strategies, methods, and plans designed to enhance overall performance.


Oswald is the proud owner of On2 Enterprises LLC, a dynamic company with a diverse range of specialties. On2 Enterprises excels in business leadership consulting, conflict resolution and mediation, personal and professional development workshops and seminars, comprehensive training programs, and engaging motivational speaking engagements. The mission is to inspire, empower, and educate both individuals and businesses, stimulating positive growth. Discover the variety of ways in which On2 Enterprises can make a meaningful impact on your personal or organizational journey.


Oswald proudly serves as the founder and executive director of Libra-Life Mentoring Services Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring youth and young adults. The organization's primary focus revolves around imparting essential life skills, fostering personal development, nurturing career growth, and promoting financial literacy. Oswald firmly believes that in today's world, the need for mentoring and guidance is greater than ever before.

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"Oswald, your words were powerful and had everyone's attention. The message you spoke was empowering, and encourages others to strive for greater achievements."

Carla Saunders, CEO/Owner

Shyne Productions Inc.

"You presented the perfect balance of personal narrative, an overview of the field, and the specifics of your career as a Reentry Case Manager. " 

Kideste Mariam Yusef, PhD

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice &

Director, Center for Law & Social Justice

Bethune-Cookman University

"I appreciated your candor and insight into the justice system to include its deficiencies that need to be addressed."


Dr. Amanda K. Trent, Assistant Professor

Helms School of Government, Liberty University

“It is obvious that you are passionate about your mission, and you connected so well with the students because of that.”

Professor Jessica Miles, Palm Beach State College

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